About the workshop

“Being is a becoming. And this becoming does not achieve stabilization even with death. Long after a given being has ceased to be physically in the world, it remains there, mnemonically, “housed” in all of the psyches that have ever affirmed it. In each of those psyches, it is not a coherent and stable entity, but a constellation of diverse and highly particularized sounds and images, caught up in a ceaseless process of flux and transformation.”   Kaja Silverman¹

Ghosts walk with us; our own becomings haunted by those from history. Whether we seek a queer historical context, role models, validation, inspiration or titillation, we turn to archives as a means to read lives.

A remote and foreign cosmos is a collaborative workshop led by artist Jamie Atherton that encourages divergent and pluralistic approaches in navigating the uncertain terrain of queer archives, and considers how we might use the found material towards the making of a portrait.

Workshop participants are asked to choose in advance a queer figure from history and to gather fragments of text that relate — no matter how tangentially — to their life. Working from this motley crew of queer subjects, the evening will comprise discussion, group readings and short film screenings, culminating in a collaborative project of assembling and performing a text-based compound portrait.

In the run up to the workshop on the 18th of April, related material and other information will be regularly posted on the Updates page.

To take part in the workshop, or if you have any questions, please complete the form below.



¹ Quoted in Miwon Kwon’s essay on artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres, The Becoming of a Work of Art: FGT and a Possibility of Renewal, a Chance to Share, a Fragile Truce from which the workshop’s title is also taken.